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New single "El Camino" by Malanga out! Co-produced and mixed by Arturo Banus

"El Camino" (The Road) is the new single by the Venezuelan and world famous group MALANGA.

After a huge success since their beginnings in 1998, with a long well known trajectory and hit songs like "Latin Lover", "De Caracas a Madrid", "Dejala" and "Si tu no estas", Malanga starts a new era for the group with a fresh and renovated sound with "El Camino".

Arturo Banus worked closely with the band to achieve the challenge "Making new Malanga music to sound modern, with a vintage 80's vibe but maintaining the classic essence of the well recognized sound of the group".

In the words of Aristides Barbella (lead singer from Malanga):

"Arturo Banus has an impressive talent, he mixed the song and he was the guitar engineer in Chicago. Arturo achieved a sound that got us still hallucinating when we heard it, the songs start and we say "is this us?" from how impressed we are...Arturo Banus achieved a modern production, different, and it has that 80's vibe that people from different generations enjoy".

You can find "El Camino" in all the streaming platforms!


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