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STRATUZ wins "Rock Album of the year" at the 2023 Pepsi Music Awards.

Venezuelan metal band Stratuz keeps making history with "Osculum Pacis", they have become the first metal band to win at the Pepsi Music Awards for "Rock Album Of The Year" with the album "Osculum Pacis" which Arturo Banus co-produced, mixed and mastered.

To have an extreme metal band like Stratuz not only participating but also winning these awards is just an iconic achievement for the Venezuelan metal scene. Stratuz were nominated in two categories and won both of them:

-Rock Album of the year for the Album "Osculum Pacis".

-Best Rock Artist.

The Pepsi Music Awards are a mainstream event, meaning that extreme metal wasn't always considered as part of the award, but in 2023 that premise is no longer valid. Good music was recognized and the awards were given to these legends.


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